March 02, 2011

Juicy Gossips

well, it's been such long that this page got some freshly squeezed text in it. talk about freshly squeeze thing, i got some new gossips about my peers. you may need not to believe it, they always say, these things are at your own risk. AHAHA. such fools.
well, people talks, and some people when they can't handle someone, they also can't handle not to gossip about that certain someone lingering around their head.
to get things on the frying pan, we'll start on some stuff that keeps bugging a certain someone from my colleague, lets name him A. A reclaimed that he got a 'stalker', well, this one we can call AF. once  i heard from the burning building itself, that this AF even keeps an album consist of him. guys, judge it accordingly =). now he just cant stand the bugging or the so call 'hindrance' for him. understand? dont judge my crappy sentence, i can't even understand it at all. i'll be happy to ride in his shoes ^^

now, you guys want to meet the main dish? i present to you, AI, as in artificial intelligent NOT. ahaha. at one glance he is just the typical play-boy looking man with above average looking face and a decent tough body that could attract woman when he smiles, but he really got issues on his ex, NA. while NA are spreading around bout how AI dumps him and he is just a jack-ass and some dumb shit that makes even her so-called-friend sees men born within a radius of a state with AI are untrustworthy and irresponsible, the guys on the other hand could hear stories about why he dumps her in the first place and how she spreads news about him and called her 'the unprofessional'. well, in his defense, he is true at some point. to me, NA should just let him go and move on with her life already or if she is really desperate to get him, be like 'Rose' in 'two and a half men' or she could suck it up, it seems like you are just the pain in the ass to be heard of. AI on the other hand, should just talk gently to her and explain to NA again and again why you cant have her if she insist to back off, and have pity on her, don't just hit-on other woman just because you can't be with NA, she got feelings to and you just need to consider it. why you make promise when you can't even assure it yet. duh..

i got some more juice here, but first, answer this question, what do people using social network 'tagged' usually do? the answer is well, flirting and finding mate i'd say. they say a picture worth thousands word, but can you grasp the picture of this? if you can, the words are indescribable. =) even ANA, the girl i got my eyes on are tagged-ing. wth, did my eye really that bad? damn me. you be the judge people. just don't 'tagged' other people matter, to other people, like the one i'm doing, if yu know what i mean.

leter people, c'ya. xoxo