October 30, 2011


What is it with smoking that keeps people willing to smoke or not wanting to stop from it. It is not known by me or I just don't want to know about me. I see people smoke everywhere and every time. These people may have their reasons for smoking but many of those have only petty excuses made up if you are to ask them why.

To be frank, I myself am smoking now. I don't really have reasons but it seems to make me feel like I'm not doing nothing. I've promised some people I'll quit, i even said to some of them I've already stopped smoking. The thing is, i didn't want to disappoint them in such a way that i tell them that. I know that many didn't see the like of the smokers to stop from smoking but i can happen. We just choose not to.

To all the people out there, who can make someone happy and they'll stop smoking, I'll pray for you guys that you guys wont see a pack of cigarette in your home. Amin.