February 19, 2012

the year progress

some may say this year is a very good year cause its the dragon year and it will bring so much luck and prosper. some other may say this year is the end, the armageddon will happen, the earth end cause its 2012 and according to the so called mayan calender, it ends here, well in december it will be. but for me, its just the same as any other year, same thing just keep repeating itself and the difference is just the things are worst than the year before.

well, the year didnt start as perfectly as i aspected but it is more interesting than what i imagined. ahaha. but it sucks more -.- true story guys. as any other year, my birthday wasnt celebrated, but i got wishes from lets say about 8 person. ahaha. didnt especting that, i was going for 2, my mom n lil sis.unpopular and pesky guy like me got that, pretty amazing, 8 people i tell you. well, it was on end-of-term paper, what do you aspect. i cant even buy cake anymore and my plan totally busted for what i have plan on that day. just got to sleep all day long.

it get a little better from there. i got some vacation from uni for about 2 and a half week. got to see my mom again, and the house ^^. been waiting for some private time at home. ahaha. on the 2nd week, my mom got plan with her siblings to make a little family trip to pahang, 4 cars were used initially and it grows to 6. lucky. it felt very comfortable to be given responsibility to drive through the trip and it was very exiting for me.

but parallel to that, what we didnt know that my house was getting busted by some prick and all of my things and equipment are stolen, like an online gaming account got hacked, it was a total lost on my family side. but it really got to me emotionally, to see my 2nd wife got snatch right under my nose, it was devastating. nothing could ever describe my feeling to it.

to end my 2 and a half week vacation, the result from previous semester study come down on me and like malay saying, you've fallen and to make things worst, it feel like a buldozer has befallen to a fallen me. i've failed two of the subject and all of the other subject i cant even pass c+ mark. damn me.

if you ask me, either my year start off good or bad, i didnt even know when it will start, i just hope for the best for you other guys, dont sulk over what happen to you, just remember that if something bad happen to you, some other guy in the world got it worst than you do, you just didnt know who. be strong and keep living your life fully and do the best for you.

p/s: i've made some move to be back with my gf but she insist we just be ex'es from now on. ouch. maybe i just be me from now, or maybe move on for a better life.

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  1. whatever the beginning is it, you still can write your ending